Kentia Palm - Large
Kentia Palm - Large

Kentia Palm - Large


The Howea forsteriana is definitely a favourite at Potplant Studio. The Kentia Palm can grow to be quite large, making it great to fill empty spaces in a home. This plant adds beautiful colour to any space and is reasonably slow growing.

Habitat: Can grow anywhere in the house but grows faster and becomes more dramatic in a bright spot.

In the cooler months make a habit of misting the leaves every week as the dry air may cause the leaves to turn brown. 

Light: Does well in a spot with bright, indirect sunlight. Can tolerate low light.

Water: Only needs watering when the top 5cm of soil is dry, especially in winter. A lot of Kentia's are over watered in the cooler months. Don't allow water to sit at the bottom of the pot, let it run through when watering.

Soil: Re-pot once a year in the warmer months with well draining soil.

1.2m tall from the base of the pot and may vary slightly to the picture shown.